Introducing.. Eron


‘Eron’ is the newest face to LeLutka’s male skin collection, and is by far my favourite of all of them. This skin has 6 facial hair options to help you get the exact look you want. The hair options are subtle but natural (You can see them better in-world). Eron has beautiful, healthy, slightly luminous skin and the body isn’t overly muscular so if you are a skinny boy like me you don’t look ridiculous ;). The eyebrows are very well done, and I know a lot of men are complaining about a lot of male skins having very “shaped” brows which frankly, isn’t natural on a man! Eron’s brows are thick and full, and very well done. The skins come with or without a hairbase, unfortunately the hairbase is dark only (sorry blondes!) which I feel is a slight let down. You also get the short hawk hair with the skin in 3 colours: Almost Goth, Bournville and Burnt which is what I am wearing here. To top it all off, there are LeLutka Intimates: Sculpted genitals which are exceptionally well made. It comes with a very easy to use HUD with the LeLutka skintone presets for easy matching. It also has a colour picker, meaning you could use this to match other skins! There’s also an option of “how excited you are” if you know what I mean ;) Pictures after the cut, and as always you can click to see close-up.


2 Responses to “Introducing.. Eron”

  1. only you can rock a penis XD

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