closed :(


Okay i’ve had to close Dismorph. Only for a week though don’t worry. I’ll be back with 1 or 2 more sets, and a new location/build. So just sit tight, also a new subscribo (ughhh) sorry about that guys so when i set up you’ll need to all sign up to the new subscribo. I might even throw in a freebie for all this nonsense ;)

I’ll be setting up on my new name Plastic Swords so you don’t get confused. Also direct all notecards/IMs to that name from now on :)

Will post the new slurl/info when i’m all done

also; the wintery poses will be out in winterstock in a week aswell im so sorry it’s taking this long. let’s just say “technical difficulties” -.- my flickr bar is on the right and i’d suggest you add me as a contact if you want to keep up to date on Dismorph, i’m more regular with info/releases there than i am on the blog ;) Kisss xoxox

my satellite store location at my best friends store Mijn.T, still working on my mainstore, will be done soon :)


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