merry christmas?!


You might think “Is it not a bit early?” and you’d be right, but the Merry Christmas sim opens today and i was lucky enough to get a sneak peek the other day, and i think you’ll love it. It’s perfectly wintery with tonnes of shops there, so you get the real christmasy feel. The sim is open until January 3rd so you have plenty of time to see the whole sim, bring friends and make a day of it :) But be sure to wrap up warm, because there’s snow everywhere ;)
I’ll be selling a few poses that will make you go “brrrr!” Here is a picture of the mainstreet, and one of my poses which will be for sale :D Happy shopping my darlings! ♥
(My poses will be put out in a day or so, i just need to finish some stuff first!)

Sleigh to Winterstock!


7 Responses to “merry christmas?!”

  1. 1 Lacey Riddler

    I adore that jacket! Where is it from if you don’t mind me asking?

    • No of course not ^^ it’s from AOHARU, and it IS amazing :D you get a hood up, hood down, and no hood at all option. and tonnes of colours :) <3

  2. your poses are adorable – love emmmmm <3 gotta love winterstock too!

  3. 6 Jaiden Bellic

    I neeeed to know where this hair is from!

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