i’d like to announce..


my shop dismorph. is offically open!! right now there’s a landing point which means you’ll have to walk around Adjunct to find my shop round the back :) i’ll fix that soon so you can direct tp.
in my shop at the moment i am selling some female, and some male shapes and a variety of stand poses. i will be mainly a pose shop but i’ll release some new shapes, just not as regularly :) i really hope you love it, please have a look around and join the subscribo, there are 4 free zombie poses in there for halloween ;)



3 Responses to “i’d like to announce..”

  1. woot I’m coming \o/ when i get back up LOL I just spent an hour finding your blog again >.> im after your poses hehe but im so tired -.-its almost 4am ill stop by later bookmark is my friend now :D

  2. Haha ^___^
    awh silly goto sleep D: my shop aint goin anywhere :)
    hopefully you’ll like the others i’ve made. im on a pose spree :| ive made loads
    SO, be prepared for a whole new set coming in a week \o\
    no hints about what they’re like yet ;)x

  3. Im liking your poses! waiting for my sl boss to pay me but as soon as i get $$ im there! adding the slurl to my blog

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