designers united.


hi all. gonna give you a little sneak peek of some of the things you’ll find at Designers United II tomorrow! Here i’m going to show you what LaGyo and Singing Moth have to offer :) Singing Moth are a fairly new brand but offer some amazingly well made ethnic unisex/male jewelry so i suggest you check them out. LaGyo are forever surprising me with what they release and they never fail to outdo themselves! Gyorgyna has always made unique and interesting jewelry and i am honoured to show you some things here. The epic crow tattoos by Singing Moth are after the cut incase somebody doesn’t wanna see my cute pixel bum ;)

#1 ‘Wings’ and ‘Skulls and Feathers Eyepatch’ by Singing Moth
#2 ‘Native Crow’ and ‘Native Crow Earrings’ by LaGyo
#3 ‘Regale’ and ‘Witchcraft Mask (Silver)’ by LaGyo

‘Crows Blur 50%’ (back tattoo) ‘Poetic Crows Top_Blur 50%’ (chest tattoo) ‘Poetic Crows_Gloves 50%’ (hand tattoo) by Singing Moth

All hair by Tiny Bird
Skin by &Bean


3 Responses to “designers united.”

  1. The quality of your pics and posts are getting better and better this is a fab post the skin looks so good on you GG


  2. Thanks Vani that means alot :)

  3. luv those first shots great blog :)

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