bird skin.


halluuu. i’m back again! i’ve decided to be a little more dedicated to ye olde blog, as i don’t wanna be neglecting you all *hugggs* here is just a cute scruffy outfit i put together in a hurry as i felt i should put my blogging hat back on! i got the sweetest offline IM the other day from a “fan” and you’ve nooo idea how happy that makes me >.< i have doubts when it comes to the blog, i don't think anybody reads it :x but your feedback is MUCH appreciated. it warms my little heart, it really does. i was informed sometimes people are intimidated by us bloggers and are scared to say hi, well don't be! i would love to chat to every single one of you <3 ok i shushies now, along with the post..

hair: ‘*barberyumyum*18/black’ by **dp**yumyum
skin: ‘bird skin – nude’ by (fd)
undershirt: ‘Ordinary Tube/antique blue undershirt’ by *thimbles*
shirt: little bit top by &bean
jeans: ‘boyfriend jeans’ by * ibizarre
shoes: ‘drunks’ by ubu
headstuffs: ‘kill the white swan’ by (fd)
glasses: ‘sassy specks – peacock by’ (gypsy) ~ no longer available

poses: *leafy and (pda)

ps: pc is being a poo so no slurls today.. if you really need one just post it in a comment or IM me at GG Sideshow or London Halsey <3

pps: almost forgot to mention! i will be setting up my very on store (FINALLY!) in a week or 2, selling shapes and poses :) i will post a slurl the very second i finish setting up. muahs x


6 Responses to “bird skin.”

  1. Duh…! thats HAWT love the poses btw :DDD

  2. 2 Aless

    Loving the “Kill the white swan” headpiece!!!!!
    Dont stop blogging!

  3. 3 Ashe Anthony

    I am one of those people who are imitated by bloggers lol.

    I love the outfit very much though :]

  4. thankyuu neeev, and yes best poses ever o_o

    aless, thats the best headpiece ever .<)

    thankyou all ! ♥

  5. 5 nilgiha

    ı read it and wondering where you were gone :D glad tht you are back \o/

  6. awes yes i am back at last!
    i’m in more of a blogging mood now so hopefully i’ll be posting regularly ^_^

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