back to reality.


hello there sorry i’ve been away for so long. i’ll be posting twice today, or one tomorrow moring (depending if my photoshop wants to work). here i’ve taken a photo in-world in my skybox filled with the beautifully made furniture by – i’m sad she is closing down but i’m sure she has good reason. i also tried my hand at hand drawing an ‘open mouth’ look in photoshop thanks to divine’s youtube video :) havn’t got much to say here so i’ll let the picture do the talking.

hair: ‘*barberyumyum*18/black’ by **DP**yumyum
skin: ‘bird skin – nude’ by (fd)
jacket: ‘denim jacket (indigo)’ by **en svale**
shirt: ‘[singer edition] tshirt grey{reno}’ by emery
shorts: ‘jeans shorts – faded dark’ by maitreya
shoes: ‘drunks’ by ubu

pose: ‘run, run, run’ by (pda)
all furniture by (no longer available)

song of the moment: the decemberists – of angels and angles


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