urban unisexy.


hello there! i have got some wonderful new things to show you today. yesterday was the re-opening of the fabulous Aitui and i managed to get in but barely see anything because of the lag :( so no new tattoos for me.. but i did manage to see the hairs and i bought this one called ‘the schedular’ in mullato because i couldn’t decide on whether to get the black or the blonde. & because i’m not used to wearing blonde i thought i would comprimise and get a bit of both :D! also Malte Antfarm of [icn] and *Curiosity* sent me his new fatpack of skinny jeans which i lurrrve. i am wearing the lightest colour but they also come in a darker shade and black. the jeans come with expertly made bottom prims (not shown here) so you should go get ’em :D girls can wear boys clothes too! /hi5

Hair: The Schedular – Mullato by Aitui
Skin: Moonbeam [Dark] Beach-Osprey 1 by Curio
Inner: Basics Loose Racerback [PITCH] by !Ohmai (thankyou Anya <3)
Jacket: Jacket Biker Fuschia by Emery
Jeans: Skinny Pants by *Curiosity*
Armwarmers: Armwarmers – Grey by Maitreya
Shoes: skull VanZ [Unisex] by amplify*
Headphones: HEADPHONE by Ginnezu Silver Factory (cp summer sale)
Glasses: Ducklips Glasses [b] by Gritty Kitty
Ears: ::Ear Gauged:: [DesignG-:GAUGED:-] by :GAUGED: (Group Gift)
Tattoo: NOT AFRAID by Bleeding Ink Tattoos
Piercings: Locked Piercing by [Miasma] and Formaldehyde by Cyanide (hunt gift)

Poses: (pda) and ..::DARE::..


9 Responses to “urban unisexy.”

  1. Love that hair and jacket!!

  2. 2 Amiee

    you so cute gg!

  3. luff the tatt, headphones and gauges :>

  4. 4 luxeurious

    i loveee this outfit & that hair ! <333 you look so tomboy hot.

  5. 5 Jaiden Bellic

    Cute as always doll :D
    Thanks for blogging my stuff <3

  6. hot with pink! love the color swatches, nice touch!

  7. 7 Malika Marville

    um yeah, so you’re a really good blogger..
    This is adorable.

    I’m going to add your link to my blogroll.
    hope yo do the same?

  8. Thankyou Chance ~ mwahs <3

    & thankyou Malika :o
    What is your url?

  9. malikamarville.blogspot.com

    Pleaseee keep blogging.
    I loves your style ;)

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