Ras Nootan! A name you may not have heard before, but one you’ll definately want to remember. Ras is a ‘new-on-the-scene’ hair maker and has joined forces with the fabulous Vintage McMillan of Epoque and has released 5 male hairs today. These hairs have more of a scene/emo look to them and are definately irresistable! Go and check them out today, you won’t regret it <3


5 Responses to “introducing…”

  1. and its totally cute on girls too. :)

  2. ai know raight :o
    i am in LOVE with ‘get a haircut’ lucky for me Ras is my partner so i get dem freeeez ;)


  3. thats the one i bought today too. it was hard to decide. i just sorted my inventory so im trying to keep it down, otherwise…

  4. i am in dire need of an inventory clean out/sort. i am on about 41k right now and probably havn’t seen 1/3 of it in ages :(
    i bet i have forgotten about some lovely things

  5. 5 Angela

    Oh, I didn’t know Ras was making hair. Neat!

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