As promised, here is another post. I’ve gone for an outfit with almost all ‘hand-drawn’ items because sometimes i prefer it to the perfect realism of photosourced clothes. Anyway, here is my look for today :)

Hair: The Fear – Black Tones by Epoque
Skin: Bird Skin – Nude by (fd)
Undershirt: Haltura tee/black by *Thimbles*
Shirt: Dr. Duane, Country Vet, Ladies by *Thimbles*
Skirt: Highwaisted Plain Skirt – Banana by K&CO
Socks: Socks Mit Suspenders Black by Pig
Boots: Wo Boots (w/resize scripts) by [0N]
Necklace: Wayfarer Charm Necklace by (VW) ~ no longer available
Ring: Womans Square Cut Ring by *(NSD) @ FabFree


8 Responses to “sketchy.”

  1. 1 Dustin Cain

    Aww you’re adorable, and I really like this style.

  2. o hay dere lil feller, tanks for dat lurvly cawment. (K)

  3. 3 luxeurious

    this is so cutesss

  4. Aww GG I Love Your Style I Actually Ran Into You A Few Time Shopping XD lol You Have To Come Check Out My Wittle Slice Of Sl Some day =]

    <3 B

  5. Aw thankyouu and yes i have seen you once or twice. You need to say hi to me next time ^^
    & yes i shall :o <3

  6. 6 Bru

    where is the [0N]?

  1. 1 sketchy. | Art O Fashion Guide

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