Hello i am finallyyyy back! Sorry for the ridiculously long break of blogging :( Unfortunately my time in Grimsby was not as good as i had hoped but anyway, it’s good to be home. I’ve been lazing around with my bestie in rl for a week or so, having about 3 outfits ready for blogging but never getting round to it. So after much waiting i present you this look :) I have totally fallen for *SaLsA!* they have really cute, well made stuff and they are total steals! It’s a must-see store, in my opinion.
There will be another post tomorrow morning to make up for my anti-bloggage :3 Hope you all had a nice weekend <3

Hair: London Import – Black Tones by (VW) ~ now Epoque
Skin: Delilah *Cinna / GIFT by BEBAE (group gift)
Dress: Cock Robin Tunic – Raven by *SaLsA!*
Socks: (part of) Outfit Sweet Sixteen by Emery
Bag: Madrid – Leather weave bag (Black) by {creamshop}
Shoes: FlatGladiatorSandals_Black_[BOX] by AOHARU_WALK


4 Responses to “plumage.”

  1. Welcome Back!

  2. i srsly love this <3

  3. thankyou sydd :)! good to get back into the blogging swing again

    thankyou sydney :D <33

  4. cool :)

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