back from tour II


oh hallo thur, i saw this epic hat on Uma’s blog but didn’t go and buy it until today! I remembered it and thought it would complete my look so i used my precious last 150L and bought it, what a beauty :’) It’s colour scripted too which is always good and yeah, well this is my kind of rock chick on tour/at a festival look today which i totally lurrrvee, and as you can see i’m still sporting the amazing sid and nancy top from emery :D Got some stunning shoes to show you in my next post, so many shoooes i’ve got in the past week you wouldnt believe :’) So you’ll have the privilege of seeing them on my dainty lil feet!

Hair: Elle – Coffee by >TRUTH<
Skin: Coral*Creme: Rouge-B3 by BEBAE
Top: Sid & Nancy Tank Upper by Emery
Skirt: Striped Skirt by Emery
Socks: Knee Sock Mit Suspenders – White Sock by Pig
Shoes: Richelieux -Leather- Black by Polina Kaestner
Hat: Rude Boy hat by { Kari }
Bracelet: Red Metal Bracelet by ::FCS::
Glasses: DuckLips Glasses by Gritty Kitty
Necklace: Wayfrer Charm Necklace by (VW) ~ free (now epoque/no longer available)
Cigarette: Cigarette II (long ash) by FNKY!
Poses: *Leafy


7 Responses to “back from tour II”

  1. 1 Nuuna

    Love this look!:))

  2. 2 Tyr

    I love it ( see also comment from flickr, which is a little more involved)

  3. thankyou nuuna! <3
    & hahahha Tyr thankyou :') <3

  4. 4 silver milneaux

    just commenting cos I don’t wanna be beaten up for commenting on flickr instead of the blog lol.

    this just goes so perfectly together with the bebae skin! so wonderful. and you’re good at matching which i’m shit at heh.

  5. thankyou silverrr, and no i could never beat you up :3
    and aw thanks, i like to colour-coordinate but other than that my outfits are pure luck :| it takes me ages before i come up with a decent one! <3

  6. 6 pipig

    Woah this outfit rocks I love the skirt and the hair and the socks

  1. 1 back from tour II | Art O Fashion Guide

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