“Bleak” describes the colours in this post and my feelings right now.. i won’t go into it but i’m not feeling my very best right now :( Mmhm anyways there are 3, no 4(!) free things in this post so happy days for all of you tightening your belts money-wise in the anticipation of Hair Fair 09 (wooop!) I cannot wait and i’m totally jealous of those other bloggers who got a sneak preview! I have to deal with the lagfest that is SL tomorrow evening -.- Anyways, onto photos, and i am sorry for the utter shit editing hah! x

Hair: The Pasadena Girl V – Honey Ginger by Armidi
Skin: Irene – Este – Humo by Imagen (Lucky Chair)
Undershirt: caLLie cLine signature white tank by caLLie cLine (Bloggers Appreciaton)
Dungarees: Gift_Salopette(DarkBlue) by *COCO* (Group Gift)
Scarf: Wasteland Scarf by Plastik (Group Gift)
Cigarette: Cigarette II (long ash) by FNKY!
Tape: Taped Fingers & Black Nails by SiniStyle
Flip Flops: Flip Flops UNISEX Charcoal BOXED by *Action (Dumpster) You may have to rummage around for a while but everything i got from it was good. Hehe yes i do dumpster dive once in a while… :B


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