Hello there! I was sneaking around trying to find the tiny bags hidden in Cyanide last night doing the hunt when i came across this cute girl, Kyrsten Jigsaw, with little antlers! And y’know me i love anything antlerish or with elf ears or the likes.. so i clicked her profile and whaddya know she had a shop- rbcg! A place i’d never heard of before, and as I found out soon later it was because it hadn’t properly opened yet hehe! When i tp’d in Kyrsten was like “o_o hello” haha. Anyway she told me she would be having a preview opening and i asked to me informed because i totally want this shop to get known! Kyrsten sells the cutest attatchments ever, and there is actually a wearable tampon for your mouf O_O which, btw, i had had a personal joke with saying something like “Oh i bet one day there will be a wearable tampon on SL, anything is possible!” And there it was! There is also one you can sit on, like a rocket :’) She is still setting things up properly but she will be offering these cute accessories, skins, hairs and clothing. Phew it’s a shop full of everything really. I was lucky enough to win the lucky chair twice on a wildcard round which was meant to be set to rare.. heh. So the handdrawn skins i’m wearing here are from the lucky chair, as is the dress on the right. The knuckle-duster hotpants are from the discount section and the ‘cunt’ top is one of 6 tees in the opening gift box. Also included in this is the cuuute yummy gummie bear shoes i’m wearing and a merry go round!!! :D Oh, and the squishy lil octopus on my head is a full priced item but, SO cute and Kyrsten was nice enough to give to me as a present :O Muchos love <3

So i'm totally sorry about the massssssive paragraph but yeah, in summary..


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  1. 1 rbcg. | Art O Fashion Guide ArtOFashion.com

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