I’m going to Express my feelings


I think my titles are getting worse as time goes on… *sniff* Alright, i’m doing another review, this time on an outfit by Express. I was excited to hear that people had liked my last review and apparently Mya Teichmann of Express had liked it so much she wanted me to do one for her! So here i am :) I had forgotten all about this shop, and when i went in i realised i had a dress from there already i loved to bits but hadn’t worn in ages so i will hopefully feature it soon ;) It’s not a very big shop but full of promise so i insist you go and have a look.

I really really like this outfit, as i am a big tartan and purple lover, so i had no trouble wearing this around as soon as i got it :D There are very few bad points about this outfit as it’s too pretty to be mean :3 If you’d like to see these photos more closeup then just click on them and it’ll take you to my Flickr page where you can click on “view all sizes” :) – I finally figured our how to do that hehe.

1. Okay i’ve taken closeups of all the parts of this outfit so you can see in detail what i’m going to be discussing. (I recommend you click on this photo for a closeup as it’s shown very small on this page) The first part we see is the back of the shirt with it’s delicate shadows which i think, although well done, are not necessary because shadows like these would only appear if the straps of the shirt were ‘hovering’ above the back of the person wearing them. I think only a shadow of the balls on the straps are required.
2. Next we see the jeans which have a nice jean texture and well done rips and a belt which looks very realistic. I do like the idea of a clothing belt but personally i prefer prim ones because it allowed you to wear them with multiple outfits and also doesn’t “stretch” when you do certain positions. The seams on the pockets and inside of leg could have been done a bit better, as they look like 2 white stripes which for some reason reminds me of denim leggings. But i do realise that some people, including myself!, find working with prims very difficult but i think a prim belt would have been nice if possible :)
3. I say the same thing as i did in part one and two here- i think that the shadow under the straps are not necessary as i think only a small shadow on the cup or chest area would be appropriate. Also a prim chain would have been good because as you can see by my pose it looks a little distorted, although when standing in the ‘appearence’ pose it looks the way it should. The texture on the ‘pant’s part of the shirt don’t match up exactly with the main part, and i think Mya should be more careful in future to make sure she checks the alignment of textures before upload because this is important.
4. You can see the texture misalignment more clearly here in the back view of the shirt but there is nothing else than concerns me here. I really like the tartan texture being added to the pockets with a stitched “E” being a nice touch also. All i can recommend for Mya is to experiment with making prims, and to do a little shading on the pants on the bum and knee area but other than those minor points i really like this outfit and won’t hesitate to wear it again.

I wish the best to Mya as i hope her shop progresses and becomes more well known because it deserves to. Thankyou all for reading, and i’ll hopefully be posting again within the next day or so because i have a cute outfit in line for you all :D

PS: If there is anything in this post you would like to know the slurls for, please ask in a comment. I am going to add a slurls tab in the menu asap because i realise it’s hard to find shops sometimes!

GG Sideshow, over and out. <3


7 Responses to “I’m going to Express my feelings”

  1. 1 Mya

    Heyyy GG Thank You for giving me a review and I have read and understand what you are saying and really do appreciate your honesty. It only is to help me become a better designer. <33 Thanks so much for the opportunity U look great!! Hope to work with you again in the future =]

  2. Thankyou and yes so do i! I wish you all he best <33

  3. i have this in purple too!

  4. 4 boobii

    where’d u get the hair GG XD lol

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  2. 2 I’m going to Express my feelings | Art O Fashion Guide ArtOFashion.com

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