Geek Chic


Yes, yes very unoriginal name but whateverrrr… here is a semi-spontaneous post after meeting my new bffl Seitan Burger (featured on post) and myvegancookbook Bolissima. I met myvegancookbook at the closing of The Refuge & Expansion sim by AM Radio (:() and i was being pretty cheeky about his name, then Seitan and I realised he had a shop so we sauntered on down and found it really cute! Not a very big shop, but full of quirky little geeky items of clothing, and bowties etc. I got some stuff and was instantly inspired to do a whole geek look so, here it is.

Items on me:
Hair – “Faye – Chocolate” by Maitreya
Skin – “:GP: Petal [Light] Lovely-Pure 2” by Curio
Shirt – (part of) “Rabbit Police RED” by Umi Usagi
Vest – “Love Is Colder Than Death Crested VNeck Sweater” Adjunct
Bowtie- “Geek Chic Bowtie Silver/Black” by Adjunct
Shorts – “FS Shorts” by Free Speerit
Socks – “White MiniSocks” by Peppermint Blue
Shoes – “Iggy Shoe [stitched/sienna] by TRUTH
Glasses – “Black Glasses” by Curio
Braces – “Braces By Dahlia! lmfao” by !Doux Petit Dahl
Finger Tape – “Taped Fingers & Black Nails” by Sinistyle
Books – “=TEKO+Eko= Books Accessory” by =TEKUTEKU=
Rucksack – “KU_ITEM_BackPack (Black) (S)” by Korea University
Ears – “*~* Elfin Ear: Naturals” by Illusions

Items on Seitan:
Hair – “Rejector” from !lamb
Skin – “Light Skin – Mountain Man” from Fashionably Dead
Shirt – “Casual Poloshirt Godzilla” from [insert cool name]
Shoes – “_Authentix_” from Zobovic
Bowtie – “Bowtie Red/Blue” from Adjunct
Pants – “Blue Plaid Slacks” from Wrigglesworth
Glasses – “Ray-band Glasses” from Wrigglesworth


2 Responses to “Geek Chic”

  1. 1 seitan burger

    You are cute.

  2. bffl cute chubster <3

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